Car Wrap Examples

Turn Your Car Into A Mobile Billboard

In today’s crowded market place, it’s getting harder to stand out in the crowd. One very cost effective way to break through the clutter – and expand your reach without increasing your budget –  is a vinyl car wrap from DI Graphics. Our vinyl car wraps can give vehicles of any size a dramatic look that commands attention, acting as a mobile billboard wherever the car travels.

With an average car wrap lasting up to 5 years, there are few ways to create more “bang for your buck” than the exposure a vinyl car wrap provides your company vehicle or fleet. Another great feature is our flexibility. Your message doesn’t have to be permanent; the vinyl we use is easy install and easy to remove. You can change car signage graphics to reflect your current advertising or market needs. Want to grab more mind share? Come to DI Graphics and put our more than 70 years experience in high-quality car signage to work for you. Give us a call at 1.800.433.2257 and let us show you what we can do for you.

Pop Chips Car Wraps

Corona Car Wrap

Shotbong Car Wrap

PopChips Car Wrap

Corona Beer Car Wrap

Shotbong Car Wrap


Quiznos Sub Car Wrap


 Auto Zone Car Wrap

Kerrygold Car Wrap  

Quiznos Subs Car Wrap

AutoZone Car Wrap

Kerrygold Car Wrap