Vehicle Graphics:

Where Branding Hits the High-impact Highway

At DI Graphics our vinyl signage programs enable you to take 100% control of your media and message when implementing vehicle wrap branding and advertising programs.

It’s the one solution that guarantees current and potential customers won’t zap, skip, TIVO or delete your message. Research shows traditional media vehicles can’t fully control their audiences’ attention. Our custom vehicle graphics programs bring your brand to the masses in a larger-than-life format they can’t ignore.

Mikes Hard Lemonade Truck Vehicle Wrap


“What we get for what we spend with DI makes it almost free outdoor advertising – ROI is huge. Suburban families with kids?  Big city professionals?  We pick the market, decide which celebrity will have the greatest appeal - from Carrie Underwood to Tom Brady – and put our creative team to work with DI. Whether you have a semi going down the highway or a delivery van backed up next to a story, its very impactful."

~ Mark Nino, Glacéau Western Regional Sales Manager