You Manage Your Brand. We Manage Everything Else.


No “noise.” 

It’s what every one of our customers tells us is the decisive factor for hiring DI Graphics. The last thing any customer needs is a situation that attracts unwanted – and unnecessary – negative attention.  

What differentiates DI Graphics from all others? We know Project Management is the absolute linchpin to a successful vehicle messaging and tracking program. Without it, entire brand campaigns and millions of dollars in brand equity can be lost. 

So, we’ve become experts at risk management by utilizing only the most detailed, classic Project Management methodologies to ensure successful programs – from initial strategic planning all the way to on-the-ground implementation, and the inevitable – but often overlooked and unexpected – change-out. 

We realize that vehicle messaging programs are our business and not necessarily yours, and have decades of experience simplifying the process so you can focus on building your brand. With DI Graphics, you are guaranteed that we will:

Manage expectations throughout the program
Build in flexibility to accommodate the unforeseen
Ensure “quick start” of ALL projects
Analyze and detail pre- and post-program costs up front
Publish real-time daily vehicle reports, schedules and updates
Develop “Mother Nature” fall-back plans
Automate business processes
Share knowledge across the organization

Utilize the latest digital print/production equipment



"I'm most interested in efficiency - and DI Graphics has worked tirelessly to be ahead of schedule at every milestone."                             

~AT&T National Fleet Director