Vehicle Messaging & Tracking Services™

Real ROI in Real Time

The fastest growing outdoor advertising medium today is the use of company-owned and/or leased tractor-trailers, trucks, vans, cars and fleet vehicles. These "moving billboards" with high impact graphics reaches your audience on the road every day.

And critical to the effective use of your own assets as “moving billboards” is being able to track total audience impressions. With DI Graphics’ Vehicle Messaging & Tracking Services, we combine eye-popping brand messaging campaigns with advanced GPS and demographic analysis to calculate the daily circulation of your messages in any geographic location your vehicles cover.

So you can develop targeted brand campaigns and know who saw them, when, and how many impressions were generated for each vehicle. Real ROI analysis, in real time.

It’s time to mobilize your brand and spend less of your budget to reach more of your current and potential customers with DI Graphics' wraps.



"I'm most interested in efficiency - and DI Graphics has worked tirelessly to be ahead of schedule at every milestone."                              

~AT&T National Fleet Director

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